for safety

As we know that every day many PTC sites are born and die. who come and go. even some sites can take your money. how many times have you experienced this? Therefore you will always be directed to this page before visiting the site you want to visit.

This page is a security reminder for you to always be careful before joining and registering on the website. because we are not responsible for any problems or losses that you get from the link in The information provided here is for your own use and does not guarantee success or suggestions for investing. when you invest in the programs listed here, you must understand that you are taking a high risk. We do not recommend that you spend what you cannot afford to lose.

If you have read and understood it, you can proceed directly to the site link.

Yes, I have understood it.

or please read the article below.

The Characteristics of SCAM PTC sites

  1. Using Fake Statistic
  2. The Term of Service page is a copy from another site / Not available / looks awkward
  3. FAQ page page is a copy from another site / Not available / looks awkward
  4. Proof Of Payment Page is showing Fake Payment / Not updated for long time
  5. Ads page is many pop up ads / ads is high value / ads is gone
  6. account page : cannot withdraw, withdrawal need 300 clicks or more, withdrawal need deposit
  7. Forum : Not available , not activity, Admin not in the forum for long time, many spam, not support, member complaints were not answered, Cannot make a posting, deleted post.
  1. Using illegal script
  2. The script have many error
  3. The Script is not working
  4. The script is detected as dangerous by the antivirus
  5. Using Minner script
Web Basic
  1. Site Url marked as pishing website
  2. Site is using Free domain
  3. Site is using Free Hosting
  1. Click value is high
  2. Earning not updated / error / missing
  3. Need deposit for receive payment
  4. Total paid can not be justified
  5. Minimum payment is changed from day to day
  6. Fake payment on page and forum
  7. Members will be paid with 10 – 50% of their total request
  8. Withdrawal fee is more than 10% of the amount withdrawn
  9. If when we register on PTC site, in TOS write “Instant payment”, and when we request the payment, those payment are not instant, even if TOS has been changed, that PTC site became suspicious, especially if that site is very new.
  10. No member provides proof of payment
  1. have a previous scam site
  2. not aswer any question from member
  3. Not pay any member
  4. Not available on the forum
  1. Many external ads
  2. many pop up
  3. ads not clicked
  4. ads containing dangerous pages / sites
  5. ds containing their self only

And many other characteristics of PTC fraud that may not be listed here. so, for your safety please read carefully

  1. Do not tell anyone your password. Nobody has the right to ask your password.
  2. Before you register on a PTC, visit their forum. Some are full of spam or complaints from members.
  3. Do not save important passwords in your browser.
  4. Never use the same password for PTC – E-mail address – Payza – Paypal – Etc.
  5. The password must be strong with 12-16 or more characters. a combination of large and small letters. numbers. and alphanumeric characters. Keep it in a safe place.
  6. Don`t Upgrade your account if that PTC has not a good reputation / admin offering big discounts.
  7. Don`t Invest in cheap PTC site / use ilegal licensed.
  8. Use paypal or payza for invest.
  9. Do not follow the PTC sites that provide huge value click $1 – $2 – $4 – $25 – $50 – $100 perclick is pure scam.
  10. Use only personal PC / Laptop to login or register in your accounts.
  11. Do not use Proxy Connection or shared network environments for to log or to give clicks. Many sites do not accept such a connection.
  12. 99% from PTCs sites are scam or will be scam in a few months.
  13. “5 years subscription” – Not give us any guarantee that PTC will be online for 5 years, and I noticed that many of them disappear in less than 6 months. Be careful where you choose to invest money!
  14. Internet is full scammer. take care!