Other Earning Method

Take your time to join the site below. Register for free = zero risk and utilize Bonus available. Some programs may be extraordinary in the future, so do not be late.
DATA Free 10DATA just by Signup and refer friends
CHARTER FOUNDATION Free 20coins just by Signup and refer friends
OLXA Free 500OLXA just by Signup and refer friends
Dock Free $3.00 just by Signup and refer friends
Viberate Get 0.4VIB just by Signup and refer friends
Koincard Get 25 KOIN just by Signup and refer friends
Whitemoney Get 50 WCO just by Signup and refer friends
Wizzle Get 50 WZI just by Signup and refer friends
CRNC Get 10CRNC just by Signup and refer friends
Candybox Free 100Candy just by Signup
LNO Free 20LNO just by Signup
Vitrocoin Free 10Vic just by Signup
Agetron Free 10Aget just by Signup
Speedcoin Free 500Speed just by Signup
Pecunio Free 30PCO just by Signup
DVD Free 1DVD Just by signup
Geens Free 50Geecoin Just by signup
Earn ETH by collect fish Free Coin daily
Coinstarter Free Coin daily
Legitcoin Free 5Legitcoin Just by Signup
Debitcoin Free 10DBC = $10.00 Just by signup
Powtoken Free 26,597 POW = $4.67 Just by signup
Lightchain Share the link and get 0.001 ETH per friend invited
DVDtoken Earn ETH for Free
Geens Free 50Geens Just by refer friends
Viuly Free 50viu by Sign up
CCRB Free $5.00Just by Sign up
Fishbank Earn Free token just by refer your friends
Nextexchange Earn 10Next token per ref signup
Spacemining Free 100Gh/s for mining
Ucash Free 500Ucash just by register &
Verify account
Emining Free 100GH/s For Mining
Kitmine Free 1MH/s For Mining
Cryptominingfarm Free 50Ghs For Mining
Digitex Earn 1,000DGTX($10) for every friend you refer AND get 30% of what they spend in the DGTX token sale which starts January 15th.
Upcoin Free 500$ (credit for trading) for the 1000 users first
Ezpos Free 5 Ezt token = $4.25
Actioncoin Free 1000 actionCoin
Silvarcoin Free 100Sil Coin
Tokenomy Earn 10% Comission From TEN
Universa Signup and Get Free 50UTN
Dealbox 1DLBX=1$ – Earn 500DLBX token Just by Signup and refer friends
KMC Free 5KMC just by register
Octoin Earn OCC coin by mining/trading
Swiftdemand Earn 100Swift everyday
Bitlending 1 BLD = $0.87 – Get Free 30BLD = $26.1 after signup
Wcex 10 WCX = $1.00 – Get Free 50WCX = $5 after signup
Sphere 20 SAT = $1.00 – Get Free 200 SAT (Social Activity Token) = $10
Bestchange Earn $0.03 – $0.4 just by Share and refer friends
Updated: January 23, 2018 — 3:32 pm
2019 Site Click Ref Payout Info
Fingerstrix$0.01$0.005$3Free upgrade
Earnmoneyinstant$0.01$0.002$3Free upgrade+$0.5
11/23Kingclix$0.0125%$3Free $1
Bxhost$0.005$0.0005$2Free 1 RR
11/22Moneypayz$0.015150%$3Free Upgrade+$0.2
11/21Spacebux$0.01100%$2Free Upgrade+0.25
10/20Pmclix$0.0150%2Free Upgrade+$0.5
11/19Adyanis$0.00110%$2Free $0.5
11/17Coinmili30sat20%1200 Sat
11/15Dailyads4you$0.002510%$5Free Banner credits
11/14Goldclix$0.0130%$2Free upgrade
11/12Msclix$0.005$0.001$3Free Upgrade+$0.1
11/09Ezclix$0.00510%$2Free Upgrade
11/06Coenx0.05 coenx10%N/A
11/05Buxbtc10 sat50%Btc 0.0001Free upgrade
11/04Onbux$0.01130%$2Free Upgrade
11/03Buckstrium$0.01$0.001$4Free Upgrade+$0.15
11/02Heartbux$0.01$0.005$2Free Upgade+$0.2
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