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2019 Site Click Ref Payout Info
Fingerstrix$0.01$0.005$3Free upgrade
Earnmoneyinstant$0.01$0.002$3Free upgrade+$0.5
11/23Kingclix$0.0125%$3Free $1
Bxhost$0.005$0.0005$2Free 1 RR
11/22Moneypayz$0.015150%$3Free Upgrade+$0.2
11/21Spacebux$0.01100%$2Free Upgrade+0.25
10/20Pmclix$0.0150%2Free Upgrade+$0.5
11/19Adyanis$0.00110%$2Free $0.5
11/17Coinmili30sat20%1200 Sat
11/15Dailyads4you$0.002510%$5Free Banner credits
11/14Goldclix$0.0130%$2Free upgrade
11/12Msclix$0.005$0.001$3Free Upgrade+$0.1
11/09Ezclix$0.00510%$2Free Upgrade
11/06Coenx0.05 coenx10%N/A
11/05Buxbtc10 sat50%Btc 0.0001Free upgrade
11/04Onbux$0.01130%$2Free Upgrade
11/03Buckstrium$0.01$0.001$4Free Upgrade+$0.15
11/02Heartbux$0.01$0.005$2Free Upgade+$0.2
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