Paid To click Basic

What is Paid To Click ?

paid to click is a program to make money with a job ad. It is very easily without requiring special expertise.

How it works ?
Basically Paid to click has three elements
1. Site PTC (Owner)
2. Member (Workers)
3. The Advertiser
The owners opened the business paid to click and opened registration for members (to make money online on its website) and Advertisers (as a buyer who wants to advertise the product / content / websites / etc)
The next advertisers buy some ad space at a price of X, then owner of the site put up on its website, and the member clicks on those ads with the commission of the site’s discretion.

When we become a member, we only need to register on the site, log in and click on the ads every day, after the funds reach the minimum cashout then we can pull through a payment processor that is available.
After that we can withdraw funds from the payment processor to a local bank and take it through the ATM,

What is needed ?

  • A personal computer / laptop.
  • Only one account per computer per IP “Do not create multiple accounts if you do not want getting banned from PTC that you follow.
  • Internet Connection Speed ​​with No Proxy.
  • Email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • payment processor Account: Paypal, Payza, Perfectmoney, OKPAY, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay, Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, etc.
  • Bank account “to withdraw all your earnings”.

Why choose PTC business ?

  • PTC is easy to do business
  • Does not require special skills
  • only 5-30 minutes per day on one site
  • Easy to join.
  • Can be done anywhere as long as they can connect to the site.

Is Promising PTC business ?

There is no certainty in this regard, as a business online / offline gained more success is dependent on how you run, manage, and develop strategies to increase earnings.

Do PTC has risks ?

Of course, every business has a risk, a company may falter so it has delayed payments, no longer able to pay its employees may even stop and then we did not get anything. It should be stressed 99% of the online business is a scam.
The remaining 1% is just biding his time. as a free member you may only lose some of the time wasted and the cost of the internet, that’s all.
In contrast to for members who make investments, the risks that would be higher. please read here

Updated: April 2, 2017 — 10:50 am
2019 Site Click Ref Payout Info
Fingerstrix$0.01$0.005$3Free upgrade
Earnmoneyinstant$0.01$0.002$3Free upgrade+$0.5
11/23Kingclix$0.0125%$3Free $1
Bxhost$0.005$0.0005$2Free 1 RR
11/22Moneypayz$0.015150%$3Free Upgrade+$0.2
11/21Spacebux$0.01100%$2Free Upgrade+0.25
10/20Pmclix$0.0150%2Free Upgrade+$0.5
11/19Adyanis$0.00110%$2Free $0.5
11/17Coinmili30sat20%1200 Sat
11/15Dailyads4you$0.002510%$5Free Banner credits
11/14Goldclix$0.0130%$2Free upgrade
11/12Msclix$0.005$0.001$3Free Upgrade+$0.1
11/09Ezclix$0.00510%$2Free Upgrade
11/06Coenx0.05 coenx10%N/A
11/05Buxbtc10 sat50%Btc 0.0001Free upgrade
11/04Onbux$0.01130%$2Free Upgrade
11/03Buckstrium$0.01$0.001$4Free Upgrade+$0.15
11/02Heartbux$0.01$0.005$2Free Upgade+$0.2
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