Scam Potrait

Free domain
Free Hosting
Subdomains general / long
Advertising is filled with PTC scam
No ads
Attributes of the site is incomplete (does not have a FAQ page, TOS, Payment Proof, Forum, etc)
Features do not work properly
Sites often down inaccessible
Redirect to other sites

No forums
Could not post forum
Lost admin
Admin does not respond / response to concerns members
Access is limited forum
Forum redirecting to other page
Posts suddenly removed without reason
Posted complaint eliminated
No activity members

Fake company license
License Free Scripts / Illegal / Expired
Script Error, have many errors, error / not working well
License Security / other third parties false / only manipulation

Pay high perclick (standard member> $ 0.1, $ 1.00)
The minimum payout is out of range (20 $, 50 $)
The minimum payment is always changing and growing high when requesting payment.
It takes minimal clicks continue to grow when requesting payment
Must deposit to cashout
Paying some members
Fee great
Not in accordance with Tos
Fake payment (otherwise the payment has been completed, but did not receive any in our account

TOS missing
TOS often changed
TOS burdensome and not appropriate
The minimum payout is different to the reality.

Updated: April 2, 2017 — 11:52 am
2019 Site Click Ref Payout Info
Fingerstrix$0.01$0.005$3Free upgrade
Earnmoneyinstant$0.01$0.002$3Free upgrade+$0.5
11/23Kingclix$0.0125%$3Free $1
Bxhost$0.005$0.0005$2Free 1 RR
11/22Moneypayz$0.015150%$3Free Upgrade+$0.2
11/21Spacebux$0.01100%$2Free Upgrade+0.25
10/20Pmclix$0.0150%2Free Upgrade+$0.5
11/19Adyanis$0.00110%$2Free $0.5
11/17Coinmili30sat20%1200 Sat
11/15Dailyads4you$0.002510%$5Free Banner credits
11/14Goldclix$0.0130%$2Free upgrade
11/12Msclix$0.005$0.001$3Free Upgrade+$0.1
11/09Ezclix$0.00510%$2Free Upgrade
11/06Coenx0.05 coenx10%N/A
11/05Buxbtc10 sat50%Btc 0.0001Free upgrade
11/04Onbux$0.01130%$2Free Upgrade
11/03Buckstrium$0.01$0.001$4Free Upgrade+$0.15
11/02Heartbux$0.01$0.005$2Free Upgade+$0.2
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